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What is Cross Connection Control Device Inspection (CCCDI)?


First off, a Cross Connection Device is any type of plumbing arrangement, whether permanent or temporary, that permits an unprotected actual or potential connection between water intended for human consumption and any other fluid or gas.

Community public water supplies are required by State regulations to maintain active cross-connection control programs to protect the safety of water consumers. Increased health and safety protection for water consumers necessitated by recent backflow incidents across the country and within Illinois have increased enforcement of cross-connection regulations. Soaring liability insurance costs which specify exclusionary clauses for pollution related claims have begun to impact water supplies which do not enforce stringent cross-connection control.

As a licensed CCCDI, Reading & Son Plumbing, Inc. actively follows changes in regulations and approved techniques ensuring its customers that they are following the State of Illinois' statutes concerning water safety.


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CCCDI License