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Call Reading Plumbing When You Need An Emergency Plumber

If you’ve got a leaking pipe, a stopped-up toilet or another urgent plumbing problem, you don’t want to have to wait. You want a fast response! If you need an emergency plumber in Morton IL who will respond to your problem as quickly as possible, call Reading Plumbing at 309-692-2762.

A woman is seen holding a plunger. Reading Plumbing is an Emergency Plumber in Morton IL.

When Is It Time To Call An Emergency Plumber?

Water leaks or sewage backups can cause significant damage to your house. If a burst water pipe is actively flooding your house, shut off the water immediately and call us. Any problem that appears likely to damage your home, that keeps your household from being able to access fresh water or to flush at least one toilet in the house is an emergency.

How Much Experience Does Reading Plumbing Have?

Jim Reading, the founder and owner of Reading Plumbing, has been a trusted plumber serving the community since 1969. In 1984, he founded Reading Plumbing Inc., and has been serving residential clients, major retailers, restaurants, real estate management firms and everyone else ever since. Reading believes in providing high ethical standards and quality workmanship to all customers – commercial and residential.

How Can I Take Better Care Of My Pipes And Plumbing Systems?

It’s important to take care of your pipes and plumbing system. Some of our tips include:

  • We recommend you not use harsh liquid products sold to unclog your drain. Use hot water and baking soda instead.
  • The best temperature for your water heater is 120 degrees F.
  • We recommend you use a water softener.
  • If you switch to water-saving shower heads and low-consumption toilets, you can save a lot of water.
  • It’s a good habit to never put anything down your drain or garbage disposal that you could instead simply place in the trash.
  • Generally, we think you should flush your water heater every six months to a year, but it depends on how many people live in your house. Talk to us about recommendations.
  • Instead of harsh chemicals, use white vinegar to clean calcium deposits from your fixtures.
  • Don’t wait if you find a leak. Call us immediately!
  • Do you have stainless steel or “flood control” supply lines installed on your faucets? If not, give us a call and arrange for us to install them.
A leaking sink is seen. Reading Plumbing is an Emergency Plumber in Morton IL.

Will Reading Plumbing Accept Online Payments?

Yes, we do everything possible to make paying your bill easy. You can pay your bill online using any of the common credit cards.

Are You Ready To Hire Morton’s Emergency Plumber?

Call Reading Plumbing at 309-692-2762 to hire the emergency plumber Morton IL trusts.