Repairing broken sewers

Don’t Let Backed-Up Sewers in Peoria IL Become a Problem; Call Reading!

It’s not often you might think about your home’s sewer system, and that means it’s working correctly! However, the moment an issue arises, it can be detrimental to the health of your household or business. A backed-up sewer system can require extensive maintenance or repair, depending on where a clog or break is located. And with help from Reading & Son Plumbing, we can help ensure your sewers don’t fail again.

Potential Sewer Problems

As expert plumbers for the Greater Peoria area, Reading Plumbing can tackle any problem your sewer system has. Furthermore, we understand the most common issues and have the skills and tools necessary to identify the problem with your sewers. Some of what we might discover includes:

  • Misaligned or Broken Pipes – Shifting soil due to extensive rain or freezing temperatures can sometimes shift the placement of pipes, causing them to break, crack or detach from one another.
  • Bellied Pipes – Shifting soil can also cause issues like bellied pipes. A bellied pipe is one section that has sunk further into the ground. Here, a potential build-up of waste can occur.
  • Clogs – Be careful what gets goes down your drains. Potential clogs and blockages can be caused by grease or debris, preventing the flow of water.
  • Roots – On a property with trees, your sewage line might be impacted by roots growing through or around it.
  • Age – A sewage system can get old. A long enough time can lead to corrosion or deterioration, causing pipes to leak or break.

What to Look Out For

You can call Reading Plumbing before problems turn into more expensive repairs and replacements if you know the signs of a sewer system in distress. For example, there might be trouble with your sewer system if you notice:

  • Foul Odors – Sewer lines are airtight, not allowing air or odors to escape. So, if you begin to notice smells coming from your drains, something is wrong with your sewer system.
  • Blockages and Slow Drains – If sinks are slow to drain and toilets don’t easily flush, there could be a potential clog further down in your sewers.
  • Overgrown Grass – Are patches of your yard growing more than usual? They might be getting extra fertilizer from waste leaking out your sewers.
  • Dips in Lawn – If grass doesn’t overgrow, your yard’s soil may dip or collapse, being over-saturated with wastewater.
  • Water Damage – Like many other problems with plumbing, leaking pipes from your sewer can cause staining and water damage.
  • And More – Other signs of sewer damage involve pests, foundation cracks, pooling septic water in your yard, and mold growth.

Plumber checking Sewers in Peoria IL

Sewer Jetter Drain Cleaning

Reading Plumbing’s recent investment in sewer jetters has led to an expansion of our sewer cleaning services! With water pressure of up to 3000 psi, our jetter trailers can unlodge any clog in your pipes, drains or sewage system. Our jetters are especially effective in removing soap scum, grease, hair and food blockages that are the most problematic for your home or business’s sewer system. Additionally, our jetter trailers allow for quick and effective drain and sewer cleaning services, thanks to the speed and simplicity of equipment operation. There’s no sewer and drain cleaning job too tough for Reading Plumbing’s sewer jetter trailer!

Expert Plumbers

Problems with your sewers can lead to significant disruptions for your home or business. Thankfully, Reading Plumbing can easily resolve your major plumbing woes, with 24-hour emergency service available. Our team is quick to analyze an issue and knowledgeable in always knowing the best fix. You can count on our experienced, skilled and friendly plumbers.

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