Water Conditioner Repair Morton IL

What’s Up With Your Water Conditioner?

Is your water conditioner not conditioning? If you’ve noticed problems with water pressure or water quality, you might need a repair or replacement of your water conditioning unit. If you need a water conditioner repair in Morton IL, call the pros – Reading Plumbing – at

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A Water Conditioner Is Not A Water Softener

The two units are often confused, so let’s review the differences. Water softeners typically use salt and are only expected to soften the water. However, a water conditioner usually does not employ any salt. These units are meant to improve water quality by converting hardness minerals into crystals. They remove chlorine and organic compounds from the water in order to improve its taste and odor and they address scale prevention. While water softeners depend on a resin bed and salt, water conditioners use various other technologies, which may include carbon filtration or electronic descalers.

Is Your Water Pressure Low?

Sometimes, you can fix this yourself. It can be as simple as a clogged filter. Check it and see. If sediment and debris are visibly clogging the filter, this can be the cause of low water pressure. Clean or replace the filter according to the manufacturer’s instructions and see if that fixes things.

Are All Your Settings Correct?

Check the control panel to ensure the settings have not been changed by accident. Refer to your user manual for the correct settings and adjustments, if necessary.

What Kind Of Water Conditioner Do You Have?

The proper maintenance will depend on the type of water conditioner you have. Here are some general recommendations:

  • Template Assisted Crystallization systems: You may need to replace the catalytic media every three to five years. Refer to your owner’s manual. Also, check the media to ensure it’s functioning properly.
  • Electromagnet or Electronic Descalers:  You may need to periodically clean the coils or problems to ensure they are free from buildup.
  • Carbon Filtration Systems: Replace the carbon filters according to the instructions in your owners’ manual. Typically, you’ll need to do this every six to 12 months. You should occasionally flush the system to remove trapped particles and extend the life of the filters.
  • Catalytic Media Systems:  Replace the catalytic media as recommended by the manufacturer, usually every few years. Inspect the media for signs of degradation or fouling.
  • Sediment Filters:  Check the filters regularly. Replace them as needed. This is usually every three to six months.

Evaluate The Quality of Your Water

If you’ve noticed changes in taste, odor or hardness, and your own maintenance has not turned up a simple solution, it’s probably time to call Reading Plumbing.

Schedule Professional Servicing

A man is seen doing maintenance. Reading Plumbing performs Water Conditioner Repair in Morton IL.

It’s a good idea to schedule an annual professional inspection to check for any issues that may not be visible or obvious. This helps in tracking the performance and maintenance needs of your system. It also ensures your unit is performing as it should.

Do You Need A Professional Water Conditioner Repair?

If you are unable to diagnose or repair the problem, call on the professionals at Reading Plumbing to get a water conditioner repair in Morton IL or to replace your unit with a new one. Call 309-692-2762 today.