Water Softeners East Peoria IL

Are You Looking For The Best Water Softeners In East Peoria IL?

Is your family tired of dealing with hard water? Let us help! For more than 40 years, we’ve been softening the water of our customers in the greater Peoria area. If you’re investigating water softeners in East Peoria IL, let Reading Plumbing install one for you.

Why Do I Need A New Water Softener?

If you’ve used a water softener before, you know how much soft water adds to the bathing and showering experience. Typically, once someone has experienced washing their hair with softened water, they never want to go back to bathing with hard water. Another advantage to softened water is it provides less wear and tear on appliances like dishwashers, washing machines and water heaters.

A water softener is seen. Reading Plumbing installs water softeners.

What Exactly Is ‘Hard’ Water?

Water that has high levels of calcium, magnesium and iron, is referred to as hard water. A water softener “softens” the water by removing these substances from your water. If you have very hard water and install a new water softener, you’ll notice a big difference the first time you wash your hands.

How Can A Water Softener Save Money?

After installing a water softener, you’ll likely save money in a few different ways, including:

  • You’ll probably require less soap and detergent for washing laundry, dishes and yourself. That’s because hard water inhibits the action of cleaners, leading you to use more of them. When you wash your hair, your car or your hands, you’ll notice the superior lathering and cleaning of the softened water.
  • Most likely, you’ll save money on your utilities, too, as you can often use cold water to wash your laundry.
  • You may save money by keeping appliances longer. Soft water causes less wear and tear than hard water on your water heater and other appliances. Hard water can cause appliances like water heaters and dishwashers to deteriorate sooner.

How Does Soft Water Affect Your Hair And Skin?

Because soft water leaves fewer deposits on your hair and skin, you’ll notice extra softness and smoothness once you start using soft water. If you have any skin conditions, these may improve after switching to soft water.

Does Softened Drinking Water Taste Better Than Hard Water?

Many people believe softened water tastes better and performs better when used in cooking. Some people prefer to only soften their hard water, leaving drinking water untreated. Talk to us about your preferences.

A water softener is seen. Reading Plumbing installs water softeners in East Peoria IL.

Why Should You Call Reading Plumbing To Install Your New Water Softener?

Jim Reading is the company’s owner and founder. He’s been serving the community since 1969. He founded Reading Plumbing Inc. in 1984 and has been serving commercial and residential clients ever since. When you entrust Reading Plumbing to install your new water softener, you know you will get an experienced plumber who understands the local water conditions and can recommend a model that will work best depending on the hardness of your water, as well as the number of people in your household.

It’s Time For You To Enjoy Your Showers!

If you’re ready for more enjoyable showers and all the other advantages of water softeners in East Peoria IL, call 309-692-2762. Hire the area’s water softener pros – Reading Plumbing.