Water Softeners Peoria IL

Count on Reading Plumbing When Choosing Water Softeners in Peoria IL

The condition of your water is important to you and those who inhabit your home. After all, your water is used for a great deal! Whether cleaning clothes, preparing a meal, or taking a shower, you want clean, comfortable water from every faucet on your property. As such, new water softeners in Peoria IL might be worth considering. If you want to equip your home or business with quality water-softening systems, enlist Reading Plumbing, Inc. to help select and install your system. Call today for a quote!

Water Softeners Peoria IL

What Do Water Softeners Do?

It might sound simple, but water softeners do exactly as their name advertises: they soften water! Often, water at home can have excessive amounts of calcium, magnesium, and other minerals. Through a process called ion exchange, water softeners work to remove hard minerals from your water, “softening” it in the process. While these systems aren’t always necessary for your home, they are incredibly helpful and highly recommended. Thanks to water softeners, you can expect:

  • Extended Appliance Life – Softened water reduces scale buildup in pipes and machinery, resulting in longer-lasting appliances and plumbing.
  • Cleaner Dishes and Clothes – You’ll notice soft water leaves behind less soap residue, meaning shinier dishes and brighter, softer clothes.
  • Improved Water Heating – Soft water improves the efficiency of water heaters, improving how fast your system warms up and potentially cutting down heating costs.
  • Smoother Skin and Hair – Water is gentler on your skin and hair without hard minerals, leaving both feeling softer and healthier after washing.
  • Less Waste of Soaps and Detergents – A water softener helps create more lather, so you’ll use less soap and detergent for cleaning and bathing.

Finding the Best Water Softeners

When selecting water softeners in Peoria IL, it can be confusing as to the type that will work best for your property. Water softening system selection is based on your water condition, your home’s existing systems and current water usage, and your available budget. With help from Reading Plumbing, we can quickly install, repair and service any water softener and conditioning system, including:

  • Ion-Exchange Water Softeners
    • Otherwise known as a “salt-based” water softener, these systems are some of the most common for residential properties. Through ion exchange, the softener draws in hard minerals and exchanges the minerals’ electrically charged ions for sodium ions. Once water passes through this filtration system, it takes on a state of “neutrality,” resulting in softer, healthier water.
  • Dual-Tank Water Softeners
    • Functionally, dual-tank water softeners operate like salt-based water softeners, relying on ion exchange for mineral filtration. However, dual-tank systems are better for larger homes or small businesses. As one tank goes through the salt regeneration cycle, the other can provide your property access to soft water.
  • Salt-Free Water Softeners
    • Multiple other water softening systems utilize their own methods for water filtration. These systems are for those who want softer water but wish to avoid adding sodium to their drinking water. The additional methods minerals are treated and filtered out of your water involve reverse osmosis or magnetic fields.
Water Softeners Peoria IL

Service Your Home’s Water Conditioning Systems with Reading Plumbing

Businesses and homeowners shouldn’t neglect the water quality and condition of their property! To ensure your water is clean, healthy, and free of hard minerals, you require effective and long-lasting water softeners in Peoria IL. Equip your home or business with the perfect water softening and conditioning systems thanks to the plumbing experts at Reading Plumbing, Inc. To learn more about Reading Plumbing or our services for bathrooms, water heaters, sewers and more, call 309-692-2762. Our main office is located at 7712 N Crestline Dr, Peoria, IL 61615.