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Reading & Son Plumbing is your neighborhood plumbing company that can respond anytime you need a commercial plumber in East Peoria IL. In fact, we understand that some plumbing issues require immediate attention. Consequently, we can provide a 24 hour plumber that will fix your overflowing sinks, busted pipes, or sewage backups. That way, your business will not have to wait with water leaks that cause costly damage.

For more than 40 years, Reading & Son Plumbing has served local residential and commercial customers in East Peoria IL. Our plumbers are the trusted local experts to call for help with bathrooms, sewers, water heaters, water conditioning, or other plumbing. Our plumbers can respond 24/7 to your home or business to get your plumbing problems solved quickly. We use the best equipment in the industry needed to get the job done right.

Whether your business is in the health, restaurant, retail, or other in industry, a plumbing emergency can mean lost revenue and productivity. Let our plumbers provide a fast fix for anything ranging from toilet leaks to sewage backups. Contact us for service.

Toilet Clogs

Usually, toilet clogs cause one of the most common issues that require a commercial plumber in East Peoria IL. Often, a guest to your business flushed something down the toilet that they should not have. You can try to use a plunger or wire hanger to dislodge the source of the clog. However, you may not be able to clear the clog yourself. If you need some assistance, Reading & Son Plumbing can respond quickly to get your toilet working properly again.

Drain Clogs

Unlike toilet clogs, you may not find it as easy to locate the source of drain clogs. Whether it is an accumulation of hair, paper towels, or other debris, you may not have the proper equipment to bust this sort of clog. IF you have tried everything, then turn the job over the professionals. After all, we handle drain clogs everyday as a top commercial plumber in East Peoria IL.

Leaky Faucets

You could lose a lot of money and waste a large amount of water if your business has a leaky faucet. Whether you have a broken gasket or a bad washer, our plumbing experts can diagnose the issue and get it repaired quickly. That way, you can reduce your overhead by avoiding large than average water bills each month. If you need help with a leaky faucet, call our commercial plumber in East Peoria IL.

Commercial Plumber East Peoria IL

Running Toilets

You may not realize that you have a problem with a running toilet until you get soaked with a huge water bill. First, you should check to see if the water level in the toilet tank has dropped. If it has, you should be able to make a small ball float adjustment without professional help. If that does not solve the problem, then call Reading & Son Plumbing to have one of our plumbers inspect it. In a short amount of time, we can get your toilet running properly.

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Do not lose revenue or productivity at your business with a plumbing emergency. IF you need assistance, then call the plumbing experts at Reading & Son Plumbing. As a top commercial plumber in East Peoria IL, our company provides plumbers that fix everything from clogs to busted pipes to a lack of running water. Schedule service by calling now at 309-204-9149 or by using our online contact form.