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Entrust Your Plumbing to the Best Plumber Companies in Peoria IL

Your plumbing system is crucial to the function of your home or business. When plumbing issues arise, and if left unchecked, the consequences could be severe for your family, customers or property. As such, having plumber companies in Peoria IL address your plumbing concerns is the best way to keep your bathrooms, kitchens, and other water fixtures in working order. Be sure to have Reading Plumbing, Inc. assist with your latest plumbing repair, installation or maintenance.

How We Stand Out

While there are plenty of plumber companies in Peoria IL, only a few can adequately and affordably address all your plumbing issues. Reading Plumbing looks like that plumber, with experienced employees, honest pricing, excellent customer service, and more.

  • Years of Experience
    • Jim Reading of Reading Plumbing has served the community since 1969. Jim’s extensive plumbing experience has allowed him to provide some of the best available plumbing services to homes and businesses alike. Moreover, we only hire skilled and trained plumbers for our crew, with continual instruction under Jim and his most seasoned team members.
  • Customer Support
    • In reading testimonials for Reading Plumbing, you’ll quickly discover the number of happy customers after receiving service from our team. We provide a prompt response for every job, are quick to arrive at your property, offer a thorough inspection of your plumbing, and take immediate steps to resolve potential issues. Above all, we pride ourselves on our quick, friendly, and dependable customer support.
  • Honest Pricing and Service
    • You can trust our contractors to not give you the “run around” on pricing and services when you hire Reading Plumbing. We set out to identify the issue with your plumbing and provide the most affordable and straightforward solution. Furthermore, at your request, we can use residential plumbing products that are eligible for tax breaks under the “Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008.”
A man from Plumber Companies in Peoria IL installing a new water fixture

The Service You Require

Reading Plumbing looks to further set ourselves apart from other plumber companies in Peoria IL by offering the broadest range of plumbing services. Our team has incredible experience installing, maintaining and repairing bathrooms, water conditioning, water heaters, sewers, and other general plumbing, whether commercial or residential. If interested in how we can assist with your latest plumbing woes, contact Reading Plumbing Inc. today at
309-692-2762. Also, we are located at 7712 N Crestline Dr, Peoria, IL 61615.