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Blockages or breaks in sewage lines can severely impact the health and cleanliness of your home or business. Thus, it’s crucial to keep your sewage line well maintained. However, if issues do occur, who can you count on to provide quick and reasonable sewer repair in Peoria IL? The answer is simple; allow the expert plumbers at Reading & Son Plumbing to assist with recent sewage problems.

Signs Your Sewage System Needs Fixing

You’ll not always immediately know when sewage line repairs become necessary. However, if you keep track of the signs of a sewer system in disarray, you can call Reading Plumbing before problems get worse. Some examples of sewer repair signs include:

  • Drainage and Water Pressure – Your home’s plumbing is a circular system, where clean water is taken in, and wastewater is carried out. However, if your sewage system has trouble, your home’s plumbing will reflect said issues. For example, sinks, toilets or showers may be slower to drain if sewage is clogged. Also, water pressure might be lower due to cracks or breaks in a sewage line.
  • Foul Odors – Your sewage line should have an airtight seal, preventing water or gas from leaking out. So, if you notice foul odors escaping from your property’s drains, this is a telltale sign of a sewer line needing repair. For gas and odors to reach up into your home or business, it means your sewer line is no longer airtight and likely leaking.
  • Septic Water Leaking – One of the worst issues you can face with a sewer line breakage is draining into your yard or home. In many instances of a broken sewer line, septic water will begin to pool at the site of the breakage, either inside your property or in your yard. And not only is septic water foul-smelling, but its toxic nature is harmful to you and the health of others.
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How Else Can We Help?

While your sewage system is crucial to the function of your property, it isn’t the only part of your plumbing that might require maintenance. Thankfully, Reading Plumbing’s team has experience managing numerous plumbing applications’ repair, replacement, installation, and maintenance. For example, our services cover:

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When your sewage line breaks, it’s time to call the local plumbing experts for quick and efficient sewer repair in Peoria IL. Get in touch with the professionals at Reading & Son Plumbing today. You can contact us at 309-692-2762. Also, we are located at 7712 N Crestline Dr, Peoria, IL 61615.