Water Heater Repair Pekin IL
Water Heater Repair Pekin IL

Plumbers Near Me for Water Heater Repair in Pekin IL

Reading & Son Plumbing can send help fast if your equipment breaks and you need water heater repair in Pekin IL. Many people find it hard to predict when a hot water heater will go bad. Often, it happens right before you host a party or the holidays. If that happens, we can take a lot of hassle and stress out of getting problems fixed or equipment replaced. Plus, we respond 7 days a week, 24 hours a day if you require an emergency plumber in Pekin IL. So, let us know if you experience the following problems:

  • Water becomes gritty or discolored
  • Hot water has unpleasant odors
  • Leaking water heater tanks
  • Water will not heat up like it once did
  • Strange noises come from your water heater
  • Water fails to stay warm for long
  • System failure causes a lack of any hot water

At the first sign of water heater trouble, contact us to make an appointment for repair service. We have 40 years of experience with fixing broken water heaters. In addition, we can offer you many helpful money saving tips.

Water Discoloration

If your hot water starts to look muddy, let us know that you need hot water heater repair in Pekin IL. Typically, this means the anode rod inside your water heater needs a replacement. An anode rod acts as a component that treats water chemically to prevent it from corroding the inside of your water heater. Over time, the rod will rust faster than the water heater tank itself. Over the life of your equipment, you will need to replace the anode rods a few times to maintain your water heater.

Foul Smelling Hot Water

If your hot water stinks like rotten eggs or sulfur, contact us for hot water heater repair in Pekin IL. In some cases, this could mean your system contains old iron pipes that are leaching metal into your water. Meanwhile, a worn-out anode rod also can cause a reaction with bacteria in the water to give off this unpleasant odor. In either case, we can replace system components and clean your tank to take away those bad smells.

Leaking Hot Water Tanks

If you notice any water puddles next to your equipment, call us for hot water heater repair in Pekin IL. Make sure to call quickly because any delay could cause your room to flood. In most cases, leaks from your hot water heater tank happen due to a build up of sediment inside. Meanwhile, there are times when too much pressure builds up inside your tank and it causes the temperature/pressure relief (TPR) valve to leak. Without fast action, the seams of your tank could rupture and send all the water and sediment inside shooting into your home or business.

Water Heater Repair Pekin IL

A Lack of Hot Water

If your home or business has no hot water, check to make sure a tripped circuit breaker did not cut power to your hot water heater. If your electricity is working, then call right away for hot water heater repair in Pekin IL. The heating element or thermostat inside your hot water heater may need to be replaced. A faulty heating element will not allow the unit to heat water. Meanwhile, a faulty thermostat will read the wrong temperature and fail to tell the heating element to start heating the water. In either case, we can get your system repaired and working again.

Schedule Hot Water Heater Repair in Pekin IL

Reading & Son Plumbing gets 5-star customer reviews on our services for hot water heater repair in Pekin IL. If you start experiencing problems, let one of our experienced commercial or residential plumbers diagnose the issue and get it fixed. Give us a call at 309-316-8011 to make a service appointment. If you prefer, you also can email us at service@reading.plumbing or fill out our online contact form.