Bathroom Plumbing East Peoria IL
Emergency Plumbers for Bathroom Plumbing East Peoria IL

Emergency Services for Bathroom Plumbing in East Peoria IL

Reading & Son Plumbing can respond 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to fix emergency issues with bathroom plumbing in East Peoria IL. You might have a major problem on your hands if your sink refuses to drain when you are brushing your teeth. On the other hand, a clogged toilet can cause leaks or sewage backups that pose health hazards. Perhaps you have sprung a leak in your shower and you are worried about water damage to your floor. None of these problems can wait until the next morning, let alone the next business day. Fortunately, Reading & Son Plumbing provides emergency services to get problems repaired.

For nearly 40 years, our local plumbing company has provided 5-star rated services to commercial and residential customers in Peoria IL and East Peoria IL. We are the plumbing experts to call for problems with bathrooms, sewers, water heaters, water conditioning, or plumbing components. Our nearby emergency plumbers will get to you quickly and provide fast repairs.

Call now at 309-204-9149 if you require emergency services for bathroom plumbing in East Peoria IL.

Installation of New Bathroom Plumbing in East Peoria IL

We also work with businesses looking to add another bathroom or homeowners wanting to remodel existing bathrooms. We provide comprehensive services when it comes to designing, installing, or updating bathroom plumbing in East Peoria IL. Let us know if you need help with the following:

  • Designing and Planning – Our plumbing experts can help you get the bathroom of your dreams with a custom design catered to your preferences. Whether you want to soak in a free-standing tub or get in and out easily with a walk-in shower, we can help. Our specialists will give you options based on where the plumbing components will need to be.
  • Plumbing Installation – Our plumbing experts have installed hardware for showers and toilets for nearly 40 years. So, you should take advantage of our expertise for your project. We can make sure replacement fixtures or new fixtures get installed correctly. That way, you can avoid leaks or damaged components.
  • Bathroom Updates – Are you tired of that bathroom color scheme from the 1970s? Do you have leaks or cracked plumbing parts in your bathroom? If so, count on our plumbers to refresh your look or get your bathroom back to compliance with local municipal codes.

How Do You Fix Bathroom Plumbing?

Reading & Son Plumbing also provides a full range of repair services for existing bathroom plumbing in East Peoria IL. Many do-it-yourself-repair men and women ask us where things went wrong after they tried repairs. Our experts use nearly 40 years of experience to avoid these common mistakes:

  • Tightening Connections Too Much – Many DIYers think that tightening connections as much as possible will help to avoid leaks. Unfortunately, you can cause fittings to split, crack, or break when you crank them too hard.
  • Forgetting to Turn Off the Water Supply – Too often, DIY bathroom projects start without the main water line being shut off. As a result, our company receives calls from frantic property owners with a flood on their hands. By shutting off the main water line, you can avoid any water damage if the shut-off value to your fixture leaks.
  • Installing Galvanized Pipes – You can create a host of plumbing problems if you install galvanized pipes. Since they are prone to corrosion, they can become a hazard to your health if they begin to rot on the inside. You should rely on our plumbing experts if you need to install replacement pipes. Our specialists know the Uniform Plumbing Code, International Plumbing Code, and local regulations. So, we will only install parts that keep you code compliant.
Bathroom Plumbing East Peoria IL

Contact Us for Help with Bathroom Plumbing in East Peoria IL

Reading & Son Plumbing’s expert plumbers can provide emergency, installation, or repair services for bathroom plumbing in East Peoria IL. If you are not familiar with plumbing, do not take the risk of property damage by handling things yourself. Give our experienced plumbers a call today 309-204-9149 . You can also request service online. Remember, our plumbers are on call 24 hours, 365 days a year. We are always here to help!