Bathroom Plumbing Pekin IL
Bathroom Plumbing Pekin IL

The Best Services for Bathroom Plumbing in Pekin IL

Reading & Son Plumbing provides top-rated services for residential and commercial bathroom plumbing in Pekin IL. Leaky faucets, running toilets, and clogged tub drains are no match for our qualified professionals with 40 years of plumbing experience. Do not hesitate to call for our help anytime you spring a leak, need sewer repair, or your water supply stops working. We can fix it for you any time, day or night, with our 24-hour emergency plumbing service. Let us know if you experience any of these common issues:

  • Low water pressure
  • Rapidly fluctuating water temperatures
  • Unpleasant sewer odors
  • Toilet or drain clogs
  • Running toilets
  • Dripping or leaking faucets

If you have any plumbing concerns, please contact us to find the answers or schedule an inspection. Plus, we can provide you with lots of money saving tips! We are proud to be the experts trusted by Tazewell County homeowners, major retailers, real estate property management groups, and restaurants for decades. Take advantage of our proven processes and qualified plumbers to get the best services for bathroom plumbing in Pekin IL.

Bathroom Faucet Repairs

Let us find the cause of your problem if your faucet wakes you up at night with constant dripping. It may only require a simple and affordable repair like replacing washers. However, you can end up with expensive bills if you put off calling for a repair. In fact, an average bathroom faucet leak can cause your monthly water bill to increase by $20 or more. That will cost you an extra $240 over the course of a year! Give us a call if you cannot see any visible leaks but your water bill raises by 10% or more out of nowhere. Our leak detection service can find where your problem lies and cut your monthly bills.


Toilet Repairs


Nothing stinks worse than problems with your toilet. If someone tried to flush the wrong thing, it can cause clogs at an unfortunate time. On the other hand, lots of things can go wrong and cause your toilet to constantly run water. Often, running toilets have either a leaky flush valve, malfunctioning flapper valve, or broken fill valve. However, those are not the only culprits, so it usually takes an experienced plumber to find the issue.

Unfortunately, running toilets cause a lot more issues than the inconvenient noise. If you let your toilet run nonstop for a while, you can see a big spike on your water bill. No matter your toilet issue, Reading & Son Plumbing can fix it. Call for us to service your bathroom plumbing in Pekin IL.

Water Problems

When you want to take a shower or bath, the last thing you need is a frustrating battle with water pressure. Let our plumbers know if you turn on your tub or shower and get only a slow trickle or less water than you once did. Many homes and businesses suffer poor water pressure with old, galvanized pipes. They are prone to buildups of limescale, minerals, rust, and oxidation that affect water pressure.

Meanwhile, issues with a lack of hot water or inconsistent water temperatures point to a problem with your water heater. Reading & Son Plumbing can provide the repairs and water conditioning products you need to avoid problems in the future. We are your home for the best products and services for bathroom plumbing in Pekin IL.

Bathroom Plumbing Pekin IL

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Fill out our online contact form now if you need to schedule service for bathroom plumbing in Pekin IL. Reading & Son Plumbing takes the hassle out of getting the plumbing repairs and replacement products you need. Our experienced plumbers know just what to do when you have a problem with residential or commercial plumbing. We work on plumbing systems of all kinds and recommend products from these great manufacturers. Give us call at
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