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Top Local Services from a Commercial Plumber in Pekin IL

Reading & Son Plumbing offers top-rated services from a local commercial plumber in Pekin IL. Our certified plumbing professionals realize that some pipes, drains, and sewers act up at inconvenient times. With that in mind, give us a call for a 24 hour plumber that can repair busted pipes, overflowing faucets, or sewer blockages. We can prevent your business from suffering severe property damage due to an after-hours plumbing emergency.

Our local plumbing company has served residential and commercial Tazewell County customers for more than 40 years. We are the trusted local plumbing experts to call for issues with bathrooms, sewers, water heaters, water conditioning, and other plumbing needs. Our plumbers use extensive experience, training , and the best tools to provide quality plumbing workmanship.

A plumbing emergency can cause lost productivity and revenue for businesses from any industry. However, you can minimize downtime to your business operations with fast and affordable services from our commercial plumbing in Pekin IL. Contact us today to schedule service.

Service for Pipe Problems

Below-freezing winter temperatures put all your pipes at risk. During these frigid periods, water inside your pipes can freeze, expand, and crack or burst your plumbing pipes. That could subject your business to anything from a minor leak to a wide-spread flood. Make sure to shut off the water supply if you suspect a pipe has burst at your property. Then, call for emergency service from our commercial plumber in Pekin IL. Our reliable plumbing pros can respond quickly to get your water serviced turned back on as quickly as possible after fixing the broken pipes.

Repairs for Water Leaks

Plumbing fixtures, toilets, pipes, or even small appliances can spring water leaks at any time. If that happens, shut off the water supply to the source of the leak. You might not need to call right away for repairs. However, you should call immediately if your business encounters a major leak. Without immediate service, furnishings, ceilings, walls, and flooring could all sustain water damage that may require replacement. Plus, a major leak will require the water main to get shut off, leaving your business without any access to water. In that case, you can the repairs you need to get the water back on from our commercial plumber in Pekin IL.

Commercial Plumber Pekin IL

Water Heater Service

Your property can flood with water and sediment if your water heater tank ruptures. Unfortunately, your business also will lose access to hot water for cleaning, cooking, and restrooms. Plus, a flood from your hot water tank can cause other electronics to short out or cause safety hazards. Give us a call right away to make sure your business does not sustain any electrical or gas line problems. We can replace your water heater and make any other necessary repairs. Minimize the impact a broken water heater has on your business with fast and affordable service from our commercial plumber in Pekin IL.

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Get a free quote on the plumbing services your business needs from our local commercial plumber in Pekin IL. Call Reading & Son Plumbing now at 309-250-3676 to schedule a service appointment. Send us an email to receive a free quote or more information about our company or our services.