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Can’t Find a Leak? Count on Leak Detection in Peoria IL

If left unresolved, leaks in your plumbing can become troublesome. Not only do leaks risk causing water damage to your home, but they can cause significant water waste, thus increasing your monthly utility bills. However, it can be challenging to track the source unless your leak is on an exposed pipe. Thankfully, Reading Plumbing, Inc. has the technology and equipment necessary for quick and efficient leak detection in Peoria IL.

How We Perform Leak Detection?

Our plumbers possess specific tools for leak detection that aren’t widely available for DIY plumbing solutions. Thus, to discover the source of a leak before it causes significant damage, you need the assistance of Reading Plumbing. The tools we use include:

  • Electronic Listening Devices – While not like the electronic listening devices used in spy shows and films, plumbers’ leak detection devices are surprisingly effective! Using ground microphones and listening disks, we can pinpoint the sounds of water moving around your home. Our listening devices can help us distinguish between sounds of water escaping or dripping so we can immediately reach the source of a leak.
  • Video Technology and Plumbing Snakes – Similar to the same tools we use to dislodge clogs, plumbing snakes can also be used to track down leaks. Our plumbers will snake a camera into your pipes to locate potential cracks and breaks, like what you might see for specific doctor procedures. Not only is this method of leak detection helpful for finding pipe breakage, but it’s ideal for identifying potential leaks before they occur.
  • Thermal Technology – Finally, our plumbers can perform leak detection in Peoria IL through heat scanners and thermal devices. For areas of plumbing where external noises are too loud and snaking a camera down pipes isn’t an option, we can locate leaks using heat scanners. When water escapes from pipes, it causes a unique temperature change that can be identified using our technology.
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In addition to leak detection, Reading Plumbing offers various services for all types of plumbing fixtures and systems. Whether working with commercial or residential clients, our plumbers have performed maintenance, repair and installation for:

Furthermore, Reading Plumbing offers 24-hour emergency service for burst pipes, clogged sewage, broken water heaters, and more if you require immediate plumbing assistance.

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Whether you suspect leaks in your plumbing or you want to get ahead of leaks before they start, you can count on leak detection in Peoria IL offered by Reading Plumbing, Inc. Contact us today at 309-692-2762 to schedule service. Also, we are located at 7712 N Crestline Dr, Peoria, IL 61615.