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Which Plumbing Companies in Peoria IL are Right for You?

Plumbing is something you ought to entrust with professionals. While simple water connections can be done yourself, extensive piping and setting up systems such as water heaters or conditioners can become complicated. Thankfully, there is no shortage of plumbing companies in Peoria IL to help you out! However, Reading & Son Plumbing stands out as one of the go-to plumbers for locals in the Greater Peoria area. When needing assistance with your plumbing, call our team today!

Why Pick Reading Plumbing?

As previously said, there are plenty of plumbers throughout Central Illinois. However, Reading Plumbing strives to stand out among the crowd by being the best at what we do. As such, clients pick Reading to solve their plumbing woes due to our experience, skill and speed.

  • Experience – We’ve been in the industry for more than a few years when it comes to plumbing. Jim Reading, the founder and owner of Reading Plumbing, has served the surrounding communities since 1969. It wasn’t until 1984 when Jim used his experience to begin Reading Plumbing. Today, Jim continues to make plumbing calls alongside his friendly and trained crew.
  • Skill – Over the years, the team at Reading Plumbing has continually proven their skill and dedication to their craft. And to show for their work, Reading Plumbing has received numerous awards and recognition. For multiple consecutive years, Reading has earned the Journal Star’s “Best of the Best” in the plumbing category and received awards from Nextdoor, Angie’s List, and
  • Speed – When problems with your plumbing occur, you don’t want to waste time resolving them. After all, hot running water is crucial to the operation of your business or the comfort of your home. Thankfully, Reading Plumbing is quick to provide service. Furthermore, when unexpected pipe bursts or sewage breakages occur, we respond with 24-hour emergency service.
Plumbing Companies in Peoria IL

Our Services

As Reading looks to set itself apart from other plumbing companies in Peoria IL, we still offer the same services you can come to expect from local plumbing professionals. As such, we assist with the installation, maintenance and repair of pipes and water systems for:

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Pick from one of the best plumbing companies for Peoria IL when you hire the experts at Reading & Son Plumbing. To learn more about our services, you can call us today at 309-692-2762. Also, we are located at 7712 N Crestline Dr, Peoria, IL 61615.